Giving Back

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To all of you who braved the weather on November 23rd and joined us for our 20th Anniversary Celebration, we say thanks.  It was fun to share this occasion with so many people (despite the nasty conditions outside).  For those who couldn’t make it, we certainly understand; and we also appreciate the many well wishes that were sent along.

Last night we were excited to announce a very special project to commemorate our 20 Years in business; a project designed to help emerging entrepreneurs.  In January we will officially launch this project, on behalf of ALL our customers.  We will invite Maritime start-up businesses to apply to receive one of 20 packages that we will award in 2012.  Each winner will receive office furniture, office equipment, and senior level mentoring from our Partners.  Each package will have a value in excess of $10,000.

Anyone who has started a business knows that passion is a key.  But it takes allot to achieve success, and it’s tough to get started.  Our goal is to help these entrepreneurs find success and “Love the Way They Work”.   It is our way to express our gratitude to our customers who have supported us for 20 years.

I am pleased to announce that the following Partners have already joined us in this venture:

Grant Thornton
McInnes Cooper
Progress Media

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Jim Mills
President & CEO
Office Interiors