Fourth Annual OI Softball Challenge!


While Mother Nature prevented our 4th Annual Softball challenge from being as successful as last year, all those who showed up to brave the weather still had a great time!

Once again we held the soft ball game at BJ Higgins field in Cole Harbour.  While we had plenty of returners from last year, it was nice to see new faces join us too.  We also got to enjoy the company of some OI team alumni as well as plenty of friends and family who stopped by for the game.

This was the first time in four years we were rained out and couldn’t finish a game. In order to prevent damage to the field after a little more than an inning, we decided to call the game and retire to the BBQ tent.  Not that anyone let that stop them from having a great time though and despite the fact that Mother Nature decided it should pour rain all everyone who showed up still got to bat the ball around for a few minutes, get soaked and have fun.  walking away smiling ( not sure if it was fun or they were glad to get out of the rain) the results speak for themselves.

Everyone walked away smiling (because it was fun or because they were glad to get out of the rain is still undecided) so you can bet that we are on for a rematch with Mother Nature next year!

Albert Gross
Office Interiors
Warehouse Technician