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Ergotron Workfit review

Sitting all day is not healthy. Prolonged sitting can lead to back problems, circulation issues, muscle soreness, slouching, headaches, and more. This health issue has begun to get more and more exposure as people take on increasingly sedentary jobs.

Of course, most people don’t have the luxury to leave their jobs just because they must spend a lot of time sitting. That would be a very drastic solution. Luckily, the real answer is straightforward. Just leave your chair every 30 minutes!

This revelation has caused standing desks to explode in popularity. Our Ergotron Workfit review will introduce the company, their products, features, and benefits.

Since Office Interiors sells Workfit products, there is potential for bias, but this review will focus on facts and third-party information to deliver an impartial resource for buyers.

Ergotron Workfit Specs and Important Features

The Ergotron Workfit is a range of standing desks and accessories that suit all sorts of different needs and workspaces. As a result, Ergotron has become one of the most respected names in standing desks.

The best part about the Ergotron Workfit is that the range of designs available is vast. Users can choose from basic accessories that attach to existing desks or opt for an entire workstation that can transition from sitting to standing. Regardless of what is selected, all products are built with top quality materials and backed by an exceptional 5-year warranty.

Even seemingly small details like cable management are all considered in the design of most Workfit products. There is a reason why Ergotron is such a trusted, well-known name.

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Ergotron Sit/Stand Review: Pros and Cons

Ergotron makes fantastic products, but that doesn’t mean everything is perfect. This quick list of pros and cons can help clear up some questions buyers may have.

Ergotron Workfit Pros

The range of designs available from Ergotron is massive. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where someone could not find the perfect Workfit solution for their unique needs. From mobile desks for healthcare facilities to a standard accessory in an office to a busy, shared workspace, the Workfit line has it all.

The quality build of Ergotron Workfit products is virtually unmatched. Everything looks and feels like it has been built with quality top-of-mind.

No one should feel like these desks will not last a long time or that they are buying a subpar product. Rather, Workfit products are like an investment in workplace health and productivity.

Ergotron Workfit Cons

Price is often the ultimate consideration that may hold some consumers back from making this purchase. Ergotron makes quality products and has an excellent reputation.

Unfortunately, all that with comes a price tag. It’s important to consider the long-term benefits of these desks and ensure that they will have a long-term place in the office. You shouldn’t consider an Ergotron device as a stop-gap solution but, instead, a significant investment in the business.

Style is subjective, but some users feel that the Ergotron Workfit products have more of a utilitarian design rather than a design focused on style.

In a healthcare setting, the best product for the job is the product you purchase. Some offices, however, may be looking for something more modern and suited to specific tastes.

Ergotron WorkFit TErgotron WorkFit LD

Ergotron Workfit Sit/Stand Review: Additional Features

The range of products available from Ergotron Workfit means that virtually any user can find what they need. For example, collaborative workspaces may wish to opt for a monitor arm-style design rather than a pedestal or full desk setup. There are also options available for dual monitor setups, laptops, and different workspace layouts.

It’s also nice to see that Ergotron has considered dual levels in some products to allow a keyboard and mouse to sit below the work surface where a monitor would rest. This is most important while seated; the keyboard and mouse should be in a comfortable position for use which is something many other competitors overlook, unfortunately.

Ergotron Workfit Sit/Stand Review: Wrap Up

An Ergotron Workfit review ultimately covers a vast range of products. We love the selection because we know that customers across all industries will be able to find the perfect product for their needs.

Ultimately, the Workfit’s design has put an emphasis on the healthcare industries, but that’s not to say that other offices and industries could not benefit as well.

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