One of our Values is “Our Customers. We deliver products and services in a complex business world to meet the most stringent design and quality standards… those of our Customers.”

Seriously, doesn’t every company claim to have ‘great service’? Yet we all know in our own experiences that very few companies actually delivery on this promise. How do you tell the difference between those that do and the others?

One very good way to look at independent (meaning the data cannot be manipulated by the company) measurable results. Net Promoter Score (NPS)is one such increasingly popular method where a quick email survey is sent to customers after every delivery or service call. The final question is “would you promote Office Interiors to a colleague or friend of a scale of 1-10, 10 being best? If they score you at 9 or 10 they are a promoter, 7 or 8 is considered neutral, and 6 or less is a dis-tractor.

NPSBrochure_297 April cut

A third party tabulates the results, ‘promoters’ get subtracted from ‘dis-tractors’ and you end with with a ‘net’ promoter score.  As an example that small company named Apple uses this with a NPS of about 70.  The estimated average for all N.A. companies is about 10 (yes, that’s really bad).

Our customers have given us a NPS of 93 thus far in 2016 (see above).  I realize that one needs to be careful and never rest on their laurels, but 93 is off the charts great.  And a terrific compliment to our talented team too.

If fact, we received a nice note from a customer last week complimenting one of our service techs on his dedication to great service.  She had placed a service call (which automatically gets dispatched to our tech’s smart device); but we knew our tech for her account was at a dentists’ appointment, so we called her.  He had already called her and resolved the issue… from the dentists’ chair!

I love these stories.  They definitely impact is a measurable way our great NPS results.

Jim Mills
Office Interiors