Controlling printing costs through user and device management

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Many studies, including one done by Gartner, discovered that on average a company spends about 1-3 % of its total operating costs on printing! That’s not even including the other costs associated with it such as service and maintenance issues, energy consumption, IT costs/help time and the list goes on. So it’s no secret printing is an expensive endeavour for an office and something to keep a close eye on. This leads us to a few common questions, what is causing the overall cost of printing to be so high and how can we minimize it?

The answer lies in managing both the devices and the users.  However, people often focus on only device management when they think of their print environment, but isn’t user management just as essential? You may have heard the term “printers don’t print, people do.” Is this really the case, or is it just something bosses tell their employees as an attempt to save pennies on printing costs? Let us explain.

What is device management?

Device management focuses on controlling both what equipment you currently have deployed (from desktop printers to full-size multifunction copiers) and the hard, easier to see, costs associated with a fleet of copiers or printers.  This often includes the lease payments, service charges, toner and paper.  Device management essentially boils down to ensuring you have the right equipment and the right supplies on hand to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.  Downtime is expensive so it is crucial that you have the right equipment and supplies on hand to keep things running smoothly.

What is user management?

User management is about managing who, how and when your devices are being used in the office.  Have you ever questioned if particular people are printing far more than others? Perhaps there are opportunities to streamline their work processes that are resulting in so much printing?  Solutions to these questions can lead to reductions in hard costs but also less tangible gains like improved productivity, reduced bottlenecks, faster access to information, and more! There are clear benefits to good user management and ensuring that your team is using their devices optimally.

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So how can we begin to solve this issue?

Conduct a ‘Print Assessment’ to learn the what, who, when, and how of your print environment.

And guess what, we here at Office Interiors offer those for FREE!

A print assessment offers many beneficial outcomes.  From a device management perspective, we determine how much you’re truly spending on printing. Collecting device data from your printer(s) on the type, age, locations, and service history of each device.

We also assess your cost of supplies, consumables, investments in toner inventory, and many other expenses your printers are costing you. The major benefit to this is you will know exactly which devices are overworked, which will eventually break down and require replacement, and also determine which devices are being underused and either increase workflow to that device or eliminate it altogether.  

In order to improve user management, we collect user data regarding who, when and how much each employee (and department) is printing every day, week and month. We even track what programs they are printing from.  With that information, you can decide if implementing print controlling policies makes sense to your workplace.   

By educating users on efficient device use or possibly implementing embedded printing rules, many businesses have significantly cut costs and improved productivity.  A great example of this in action is the little-known fact that the third most printed colour document in the average office is a webpage from  Think about what that means for your CPC fees and toner usage if there are hundreds of pages of colour impressions being printed every year on something that would be so easy to prevent!

So there you have it, the run-down of user management versus device management and how, when used together, you can take control of your printing costs!  It’s time to take the printer stress out of your work life, contact us today to schedule your free print assessment!

Cory Porteous
Marketing Manager
Office Interiors

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