Office Technology Buyer’s Guide

We created this guide to help you navigate through the research and decision-making process of buying technology for your office. With this guide, you can be confident when purchasing the office technology that will work for your team. Importance of Technology in the Workplace Whether it be your copier or office phone, utilizing technology effectively… Read More

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The Hottest Trends in Business and Office Technology

Increase productivity, reduce costs & grow your business Change is the new normal in today’s business environment.  While some have been disrupted more than others, every industry has felt the effects of rapidly evolving technology.  Regardless of your industry, there are a few key office technology trends that every business owner or manager should know.… Read More

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The Complete Guide to Controlling Printing Costs in Your Office

Printing is the third-largest office expense after salaries and rent.  In this brief guide, you will learn why the total cost of printing is so often underestimated and, more importantly, what you can do about it. By reading this guide, you will learn: How to evaluate your total printing costs The 12 questions you need to answer about your… Read More


Office Furniture Buyer’s Guide

Buying office furniture can be a complex, drawn-out, and frustrating experience. But it really shouldn’t be.  Yes, the products are highly customizable, and the options are virtually limitless.  Yes, lead times can often drag on for weeks or months depending on the product and manufacturer.  That isn’t why the process of buying office furniture can sometimes… Read More


The Ultimate Guide to Office Ergonomics

What is ergonomics?  Why is it important?  Which ergonomic accessories are worth buying?   In this article, we are going to answer common questions about office ergonomics, ergonomic accessories, ergonomic hazards and ergonomic assessments.  Since the page is quite lengthy to read in full, feel free to use the table of contents below to jump to the sections… Read More

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The Ultimate Task Seating Review Guide

The humble task chair is ubiquitous in offices everywhere around the world.  Those of us who do the bulk of our work on a computer spend upwards of 1700 hours per year sitting at a desk.  Excepting your bed at home, there is no other piece of furniture people spend more time interacting with.  Investing in the… Read More

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