Congratulations Reid Conrad – PROs Elite 100 Service Executive of the Year!

Customer Satisfaction

I am pleased to announce that Reid Conrad was recently named the Pros Elite 100 Service Executive of the year for 2015.  The award was presented to Reid on June 9th at the Pros Elite 100 Service Conference in Tampa, Florida.

Reid received the award for his dedication in leading the implementation of Pros Elite 100 Program at Office Interiors, consistent improvement in results achieved by the Office Interiors Service Team, and for the overall service performance results achieved by the Office Interiors service team versus the Pros Elite 100 benchmarks.  In May 2015, the Office Interiors service team exceeded all of the Pros Elite 100 benchmarks making Office Interiors one of the top performing Pros Elite Dealers and one of the top servicing dealers in North America.

When presenting Reid with the award, Jerry Newberry, Managing Partner at Pros Elite 100 commented, “After 28 years in the Industry and the privilege of working with hundreds of managers there are certain companies that stand out as an organization and service team that consistently stays focused on attaining and over-achieving Industry Performance benchmarks. Reid and his team have done a fantastic job of striving to attain high levels of performance and customer satisfaction. The National Service Executive award presented to Reid and his Service organization is recognition for an outstanding job!  We are very proud to be associated with such a “World class” organization and management team!”

While Reid was the recipient of the award, the award really reflects the continuous improvement and commitment to excellence of the Office Interiors service technicians in performing their daily jobs.  As Reid indicates “This award is a truly a team award and I am extremely proud of my service team and the work they do on a daily basis.  This award is for them and they are to be congratulated.”

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Keith Skiffington
Chief Operating Officer
Office Interiors