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Workplaces are becoming hubs for creativity and collaboration. There is a growing need to create spaces where employees feel comfortable working and have all of the tools they need.

When creating an office space, an important factor in any room is the different kinds of seating. We’ve written extensively about task seating and executive seating. However, this article will cover seating that is used by larger groups, often in common areas. 

This article covers what conference seating, lounge seating and guest seating are.

Conference Seating

We’ve all sat on conference seating at some point in our lives. You can often find these chairs in a large conference or board room. They can be found in nearly any modern office today.

A conference chair is a scaled-down task chair. They look similar to a task chair and serve a similar purpose. However, conference seating is designed for just short periods of use. Think meetings, brainstorming sessions or small presentations. There are fewer adjustment options for conference seating when compared to a traditional task chair. This means they provide enough ergonomic support for meetings and other short durations. 

Some benefits of the conference chair are flexibility and size. A room will typically have multiple task chairs in a small space, meaning that they need to have a slim profile and be mobile. A good conference chair allows for easy navigation in a crowded room while still being supportive and comfortable. 

This seating should be in areas where they will accommodate use for one to three hours. Any more than that, the user may begin to feel uncomfortable due to the lack of ergonomic support. 

The price of conference seating is less than a typical task chair. This is because of the scaled-down features and flexibility they provide. 

However, conference seating still has all of the aesthetic options that you can find in task seating. These chairs are still stylish and customizable so that they can suit any boardroom or conference room in your office. 

Guest Seating

The personality of a room really comes alive when proper aesthetics and flow work together. Create a cohesive room by paying attention to the finer details that guests notice when they first arrive. This includes having ample seating, which reflects the organization’s vibe. Guest seating can be stylish, flexible and comfortable!

Office space is a precious resource, so practically using every square inch is important. Guest seating allows you to create an area for casual conversation and short-term meetings with guests, clients or employees. 

Guest seating is typically found in waiting rooms, reception areas or extra seating at desks. These seats are made, so your office provides comfortable areas for short-term use without taking up tons of space. Guest seating lacks ergonomic support and is designed specifically for short-term and casual use. These chairs typically lack the ability for adjustments and don’t have armrests or wheels. 

If your space is in flux and you need the option for short-term guest seating, you should consider looking into the stackable or nesting models. These unique models are ideal when many chairs need to be quickly stored or set up.

There are many varieties of guest chairs, depending on the goal of the room. They can be adaptable to fit training rooms, waiting areas, and extra seating for large meetings. There are many different kinds of guest seating, so you can provide comfortable guest seating without sacrificing style or function.

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Lounge Seating

Make a space come alive with comfortable and creative seating! Lounge seating allows you to transform traditional areas into collaboration hubs. Lounge seating can create an entirely new environment for your team, allowing them to be creative and productive while still being comfortable.

Lounge seating is typically found in office spaces where creativity, brainstorming and rest is the goal. These pieces are used to create a space where users can step away from their solo work areas and step into a space designed for innovation. 

This seating can be found nearly anywhere in an office, including in rest areas or casual spaces. Lounge seating is the most varied kind of office seating, and there are thousands of different options available. No matter your goal, there is bound to be a kind of lounge seating that works for your organization.

There are different kinds of heights, sizes and shapes! Lounge seating can be soft-seating or provide a private area with screens or partitions. Many kinds are also modular, which allows you to optimize your space! Do you want some extras? There are nearly endless additions to fit what you need. Some lounge seating features laptop arms or cupholders, sound and privacy screens or data ports. 

With the sheer amount of possibilities, selecting lounge seating can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to have your space and goal in mind when selecting lounge setups. 

If you want to learn what kind of office seating options we have here at Office Interiors, reach out to one of our furniture account managers! We would be happy to help you create a space perfect for your organization. 

Emily Adams
Digital Content Specialist
Office Interiors

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