Complete Review of the SitOnIt Seating Novo Task Chair

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Complete Review of the SitOnIt Seating Novo Task Chair

Complete Review of the SitOnIt Seating Novo Task Chair In this blog, our goal is to help you be more productive at work, and in this article’s case, to help you find the ideal chair for your office.

Although we do provide task chairs, for these reviews, we have gathered third-party product information and user reviews from around the internet. We have done our best not to let our opinions influence this Novo chair review or any of our other SitOnIt Seating chair reviews.

Below, we have gathered all that data and information in one place for you. We give you everything you need to be the expert as you shop for a new chair.

Novo Task Chair by SitOnIt Seating

Specs of the Novo Chair

The SitOnIt Seating Novo task chair is a relatively new addition to the office furniture market, but it has already won multiple awards. It won the “Best of NeoCon” Gold Award from Contract Magazine and was given BUILDINGS Magazine’s Product Innovations Editor’s Choice award.

The focus of the Novo chair is comfort and customization. According to SitOnIt Seating, you can personalize the chair to your exact specifications. With a Novo, you can be sure the chair you selected is ergonomically designed to put your comfort first. The specification for the Novo chair includes:

  • Total Height: 39”
  • Total Width: 26”
  • Total Depth: 26”
  • Seat Width: 20.5”
  • Seat Depth: 18” – 20”
  • Back Width: 19”
  • Back Height: 23”

The customization and personalization options are what separates the Novo chair from the competition. SitOnIt Seating provides a wealth of possibilities. There are 13 different lumbar accent colours and 12 colours for the mesh fabric on the chair. There are different casters, an optional seat-depth mechanism, and a choice of materials for the seat.

SitOnIt Seating offers a limited lifetime warranty for all chairs. You’ll have a 5-year warranty for the fabric and foam, and a lifetime warranty for almost everything else.

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Key Features of the Novo Chair

Customization is a primary feature of the Novo chair. It is very common to see many users comment on finding the perfect chair for their office in the SitOnIt chair reviews.

While some companies are content to offer a few shades of gray or black in their office furniture, SitOnIt goes further. They provide bold colours almost unheard of among office furniture companies. Hues like apple, aqua, fire, and orange could accent your lumbar support. The choices don’t stop there. Why not try desert, electric blue, or lemon for the fabric.

Many of the users who offer Novo chair reviews are office designers who appreciate the fantastic personalization options. They also report that users enjoyed the ergonomic and comfortable seat design once they moved into their new office.

Pros and Cons of the Novo Chair

The seat is comfortable, according to Novo chair reviews. The adjustable lumbar support effectively reduces back pain even during long work sessions, especially when it’s difficult to get up and stretch. You’ll leave the office without the aches and pains that commonly plague the office crowd.

The stylish and modern design of the chair is another highlight of the Novo chair reviews. This is a good-looking piece of office furniture.

By matching or contrasting the fabric colour with the lumbar accent, you have complete control over the look of the furniture. This lets you go with a subtler colour scheme or go big and bold with intense colours that stand out in almost any office.

While the Novo is an ergonomically designed chair with plenty of adjustment options, it can’t match the adjustment mechanisms of some other chairs we have reviewed.

Some users note that while the chair has excellent lumbar support, the waterfall seat can be problematic. You can develop sore spots from extended use. This occurs more often with smaller or larger users.

Common Drawbacks of the Novo Chair

Only released in 2016, the Novo chair is still relatively young, meaning you won’t find reviews of older Novo chairs, and we’re still waiting to see how it performs over extended periods. Even today, there are reports of parts of the chair breaking, especially with prolonged use.

We want to tell you the Novo chair will last for 10-years or more, but we don’t have that historical data on the chair. Keep this in mind: It is a well-built chair with a solid warranty, but it’s still new to the market.

Multi-shift offices – where there is more than one user for each chair – report arms breaking or the adjustment mechanisms slipping. The seat can wear in spots, and the typically bright colours of the chair may fade and look worn or grubby.

Videos and User Guides of the Novo Chair

There are plenty of user guides and videos online to learn more about the Novo task chair floating around on the web.  Here is one that we feel does a solid job of explaining how to adjust your new Novo task chair.

SitOnIt Seating: Novo Adjustment Video from SitOnIt Seating.

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