Change is unavoidable


Our working environment is in a constant state of change. The evolution of office technology has always been improving, allowing us to be more efficient in how we work individually and how we collaborate with coworkers. Today we have the use of laptops, tablets, and smartphones to help us in our day to day grind. We are connected 24/7 and there is no reason why we cannot use these devices more efficiently. Organizations know they need to adapt to these changes in order to take full advantage of the technology they already have access to. Most do not know what to do, or how to implement the necessary changes.

The newest trend in office evolution is referred as Document Management. The concept has been around forever, as document management can mean taking a file and placing it in a filing cabinet. Document management is trending further in how the files are stored and retrieved electronically. Do employees have access to the files remotely? When a file gets scanned, how does it move through the organization?

In order to fully understand what your needs are when it comes to electronic Document Management, you first need to know what your end goal is. You need to imagine the end solution and figure out how to get there. Optimally you want to streamline your day to day processes, allowing for a more efficient work environment. Workflow is a great place to start. Knowing which documents are important to capture, store, and retrieve is key. Identifying how the paper moves through the organization is vital. Once you understand the documents your organization utilizes, you need to map out your workflow. What happens to the document, which staff needs to access it for approvals, etc. Once you have a vision, it is imperative you partner with the right solutions experts.

The great advantage about choosing Office Interiors is that we are a dealer that provides industry leading vendor neutral software solutions.  This allows organizations to increase workplace efficiency and reduce the physical storage footprint of documents without the need to change the physical hardware decisions made in the past. In many, if not all cases, we can demonstrate a return on investment in a very short period of time.

Remember, technology makes constant change in how we do our jobs unavoidable; choosing the wrong solutions provider is avoidable.

Mark Poirier
Senior Account Manager – Imaging
Office Interiors