What Should you Know Before Buying Window Treatments?


Think about your favourite room. Now think about the windows of that room. What do they look like? Do they have blinds? Maybe curtains? Chances are, yes, they did have some form of window treatment! And you probably didn’t specifically think about them until I mentioned it just now.

When designing a spectacular room, the details make the great stand out from the just okay. Window treatments are a detail often overlooked. 

Window treatments do a lot more than appease the aesthetic eye. Proper window treatments can control light in a room, making it more functional. Window treatments also improve insulation, therefore reducing your heating and cooling costs. 

We’ve written an article about the different kinds of window treatments, but how do you pick one suitable for you? In this article, we are going to get you started on that journey. 

What should buyers think about when selecting a window covering? 

When looking for new window coverings, examine the surrounding space. You want them to compliment the area and not clash with their surroundings.

Well-installed window coverings blend into their surroundings and enhance the visual design. 

What is the purpose?

Before looking at window treatments, decide what the purpose of the window treatment is. If you’re looking for a window treatment that adds privacy while still letting light through, you may consider a roller shade.

If you are looking for a window treatment that you can easily control throughout the day, perhaps something motorized would work for you. Think about which way the windows face. Note what the light is like at all times of the day. 

What is the window?

Examine the shape of the window. One fantastic thing about window treatments is that all treatments can completely customize them for the space, so even those hard-to-reach bay windows will be able to be covered. 

Depending on the type of window will also impact what kind of treatment would work best. Sliding glass doors typically work well with vertical blinds, where large commercial windows are better for roller shades. 

What is the design of the room? 

Unless you want your window treatment to be a feature piece of a room, it is best if they blend in with their surroundings.

Look at the other major colours in the room and keep in mind your large surfaces. This means looking at your floors, walls, and any other major focal points. Use the colours from these large surfaces to help pick a colour for your window treatments. It’s best to stay away from busy patterns if you have patterned finishes elsewhere. 

If you want the windows to be a focal point in the room, look for complementary colours and patterns to what already exists. You don’t want the window treatments clashing with their surroundings.

What is the buying process?

As a consumer, there are seven steps you need to take from start to finish when buying and installing window treatments.

Step 1 – Evaluate the room.

This is what we’ve already talked about in the article. Start a window treatment folder! Make a list of your priorities, colours, and the light in the room. Write down anything you want, and if you can dream it, chances are someone can make it. Take pictures of the room to use for reference further down the line. 

Step 2 – Measure the window.

Conduct a DIY measure of the window you want to cover and include this in your window treatment folder. This is a short article that explains how to measure your windows. 

Step 3 – Come to a dealer.

Since there are many different types of window treatments and ranges in prices, you should always consult a professional. Working with a professional designer when selecting treatments will mean that you don’t miss any of the more minor details and get the best kind of window treatment without sacrificing design. Book an appointment with your local window covering specialist. Bring your window treatment folder and an open mind! 

Step 4 – Determine your budget and style.

When working with your design specialist, you will determine what treatment will work for you. Go through style and design sample books and select anything you might want! This is your chance to work with your designer to find the perfect solution for your room. 

Step 5- Get professionally measured.

To get an accurate quote and ensure there are no headaches later, we always recommend getting your windows measured by a professional. Dealers will often have someone on staff specializing in window treatment installation who would be able to help.

Step 6 – Order your treatment. 

You will receive a quote for the window treatment and styles you selected with your designer. Once everything looks good, your dealer will place the order. You should expect about a four-week lead time between ordering and receiving the product.

Step 7 – Installation.

Window treatment installation is typically quick and easy and can be done in one afternoon. We always recommend getting a professional to do the install to mitigate any issues that may arise. If you do want to install your own, there are lots of online resources that can help.

Want to learn more? We encourage you to reach out to our design specialists to talk about your window treatment options! They would be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Emily Adams
Digital Content Specialist 
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