Business, Hockey, and Faith in the Handshake


When I was growing up in Sackville I spent every winter on the ice and played ball hockey throughout the spring and summer.  At the time, hockey just seemed like a great pastime, but I am now able to see that it played a key role in creating the person I am today.  In fact, it has had such an impact on me that I now coach my two sons in the same Minor Hockey system that I grew up in.  Hockey taught me, and I am now trying to teach my players,  how to have fun, how to win and lose, how to work as a team and the importance of respecting your teammates and your opponents.

As I entered the business world, I sought out an organization that shared these same beliefs.  I believe that local business owners want to purchase from someone that they can trust and that they can respect; someone that stands behind their products, service, and most of all…their word.  I still believe that a firm handshake and your word goes a long way in the business world.  It took a few twists and turns but four years ago I became part of an organization where I feel my values are shared along every step of the organizational chart.  We are a local company run by local owners with the sole purpose of providing the best products and service available to small, medium and large size businesses.

After 20 years of searching, I finally feel as though I have found a home, so the next time you are looking for information on office equipment, office furniture, or document management solutions please give us a call, you won’t be disappointed.


Michael Burns
Senior  Account Manager – Technology
Office Interiors