Wild Times


Hello and welcome to our latest edition of the Office Interiors E-Letter. We received lots of positive feedback on our inaugural edition so thanks for that! As we approach summer there are telling signs that the economy is starting to look more positive than it’s been for months. That’s good!

As I travel around the region and country I get the opportunity to speak with lots of people and I’m often asked “what are organizations looking for these days in your industry?” Of course I take the opportunity to ask them what’s important to their organization. More often than not it comes down to two key issues:

1. How do I lever our workplace to maximize the return we get on our most valuable resource, our people?

2. What can do to become a better steward of the environment, without paying a premium?Two great questions. The answer is always a bit different for each organization for question #1, but it comes down to providing people with the right tools to help perform their best. Interestingly for question 2, it is possible to be “more green” in your workplace without paying any premium. You simply need to ask the right questions up front.

In my experience, whether you are looking for ergonomic accessories or a new printer, a little focus on these two questions and you will be helping your team to “Love the Way They Work”. In these wild times, it’s more important than ever!

Jim Mills
President & CEO
Office Interiors