Top 3 Problems with Systems Furniture Workstations (Cubicles)

The term systems furniture workstations is a fancy way to describe what many workers have long loathed about office life – the cubicle. And, after years of trending out of vogue, cubicles are once again growing in popularity. But today’s versions are nothing like the dingy boxes that filled offices back in the 60s. They’re… Read More


What is Document Management and How Can it Reduce Costs?

Almost every company claims that “going paperless” is a priority. But what does that term really mean? What people truly mean when they talk about going paperless is more technical; implementing a document management system (DMS) to create digital paperless workflows. In this post, we will explain what a document management system is and how… Read More

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The Top Four Problems with Monochrome (Black & White) Printers / Copiers

Printing generally accounts for anywhere from one to three percent of a company’s operating expenses. Choosing the right office printer or copier means having to take a serious look at your needs, budget and business goals. When you’re going through your options, the first type of device you may think of is a monochrome (black… Read More


What Are Moveable Walls? Are They Worth Buying?

From ultra-lightweight workstations to heavy, traditionally built wall partitions, there is no shortage of options for organizing a workspace to fit its employees’ needs. Changes in the way your workplace is organized can have a significant effect on your employees’ overall productivity. For instance, employee spillover – the tendency for an employee’s nearest neighbours to… Read More

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What is Ergonomics and Why is it Important?

There is a lot of discussion about office ergonomics these days. As sedentary jobs become more and more common, an increasing volume of research is being done about the effect these types of occupations can have on people’s bodies. The concept of ergonomics is often seen as a vague idea that many people struggle to… Read More

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Hosted Phone Systems: The Problems You Should Keep in Mind

Today, more than ever, businesses demand reliable technology and a dependable phone system is crucial for efficient, seamless communication. As the cost of bandwidth continues to come down, many companies are considering making the shift to a hosted phone system. But is this system the best choice for your business? Let’s explore the most common… Read More

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The Three Major Problems with Refilled Toner Cartridges

For most businesses, printing is a critical element of day-to-day operations. Today, many devices come with a low cost-of-entry, and that can be an attractive draw for business owners. However, toner is often a “hidden” cost that many businesses don’t anticipate until they’ve had to replace a cartridge. While manufacturers typically suggest that you use… Read More