Achieving Great Colour


on Various Paper Stocks

Since color copiers and printers came on the scene more than twenty years ago, users have hoped for an “out of the box solution” that could produce best quality results without having to make all the intricate adjustments needed to optimize image quality on various kinds of paper including thick and glossy stock.

Ricoh have developed a great way of dealing with all these unique settings used to obtain the professional results over a wide variety of paper stocks, using a new feature they call the “Paper Library”, which resides in Ricoh latest color offering, the Pro C651EX & C751EX. Commonly used stocks from various manufactures are included in the Paper Library residing in the Ricoh engine.

The Paper Library allows the print engine and the Fiery Controller to fine tune and utilize optimal imaging and fusing settings. Additionally, the Fiery controller interface to the Paper Library on the Pro C651EX / C751EX / C751 allows media-specific ICC profiles to be assigned to each individual entry using the “Paper Catalog” which resides on the Fiery. The Paper Catalog is accessible using Command Workstation version 5.

Ricoh perform comprehensive tests designed to evaluate the performance of a paper stock including, image quality, image performance, feed performance and environmental tests. These defined tests, ensure that an approved stock will run in your environment while providing consistent and optimal results. Ricoh has established two world-class testing facilities in Atlanta, Georgia and in Tustin, California.

Looks to me that Ricoh have gone a long way to ensure out of the box quality with the new Pro C651EX / C751EX.

Bob Wallace
Executive Vice President
Office Interiors