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Love the way you work

5 locations across Atlantic Canada.

110 exceptional workplace professionals.

And the world’s most environmentally progressive
manufacturing partners covering virtually all
aspects of today’s productive workplace.

1 purpose: To help you love the way you work.


“Quickstand” is clearly a Hit!

“With regards to my QuickStand: I didn’t think it was possible for me to love an inanimate object as much as I love the QuickStand.” More »

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Energized by a New Year!

The terrific thing about January 1 and a New Year is that it’s an opportunity for all of us to get “energized”. A fresh new start for all of us! While I’m not personally a big fan of ‘resolutions’ due to the fact they typically end up not being sustainable; I am a big fan of having a “plan”. More »


Buying A Copier?

Here are a few tips to help get what you need, at the price you want. More »


2014 NMSO/SA Catalogue

We’re proud to service a wide range of public sector clients as part of the federal government’s National Master Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements. Please browse our standing offer catalog to learn more. More »