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The Four Pillars of Ergonomics

Do you know the four pillars of ergonomics? Most have heard of a few, but many are stumped after two. More »

ISO cover

What Is ISO?

You may have heard of ISO certification or seen their logo on an organisation’s marketing materials but are not sure what that really means. Well here is the “Cole’s Notes” version of what ISO is, and why it is important. More »

QuckStand #1(other cover)

Our Featured Product

Sleek, sturdy and simple to use, QuickStand is the ultimate sit/stand solution for new and existing workstations. More »


2014 NMSO/SA Catalogue

We’re proud to service a wide range of public sector clients as part of the federal government’s National Master Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements. Please browse our standing offer catalog to learn more. More »