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Embracing the World of Outdoor Office Spaces

Did you know? According to studies, humans have adapted to the natural world for 99% of our evolution and have been working...
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What to do with Old Technology when Replacing your Office Equipment

Technology is forever changing, and organizations need to keep up with the changes to compete on a level playing field...
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Indoor Air Quality: Creating Higher Productivity Out of Thin Air

How often do you consider the indoor air quality in your office and how it affects the well-being and productivity...
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Top 5 Office Equipment to Stock Up on at Year End

A surplus in your office budget at the end of the year is reason to celebrate. It means you, as...
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Comparing the Avaya Cloud Office vs. On-Premises Phone Systems

Should you buy an Avaya Cloud Office telephone system or opt for a more traditional on-premises telephone system? This is...
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How Much Does an Office Phone System Cost?

Office phone systems are continually being updated and improved, which can lead you on a never-ending quest to have the...
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