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Residential Vs Commercial Air Purifier

Indoor air purifiers – are they really worth the hype? Not even sure what they are? We can explain. Does...
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Furniture Lead Times – Why the Wait?

And what you can do to avoid getting hit by significant delays in the office furniture world. There are shortages...
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Bringing Office Furniture and Technology Full Circle

Almost everything we use daily is designed to be discarded after use. The linear path of ‘take, make, use, and...
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Creating Accessible Office Spaces

Accessibility isn’t just a buzzword that people throw around; it is the accommodation and inclusion of everyone irrespective of their...
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The Downside of Using Old Multifunction Printers (Copiers)

A multifunction printer (MFP) or copier, as the name suggests, performs numerous organizational functions, including printing, scanning, copying, and even...
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Elevating Field Service Customer Experience with TechTrack

At Office Interiors, we take pride in providing excellent service for your equipment. By considering our service to be one...
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