Why I print from mobile

Productivity Technology

Like many of us, I work in a fast paced and busy environment; I am in and out of the office constantly. There is nothing more annoying than closing down my laptop and walking out to my car, when suddenly“ding” I receive another email. Instead of needing to go back to my laptop, starting it up, logging in, and starting up my email I can just open my phone, copy the content or file I need to the clip board and seconds later, voila, the document I need is printed, saving me a several minutes, multiple times per day.

If I am presenting a solution to a client and mid-presentation they want to refer to a document or picture that no one thought of prior to the presentation I can just print off  what they are looking for (in colour or black and white) within seconds.  So long as I am connected to the same wireless environment I can solve any printing need in moments.

The beauty of this is I do not need to use my computer at all. With phones becoming a major tool and need in everyone’s life mobile printing makes a person’s life just that much easier, and ultimately, more productive.

Mike Smith
Account Manager – Imaging
Office Interiors