What did we do before the Cell Phone?


As far as I can remember we used to talk, read the newspaper, read labels on bottles, and believe it or not we could wait for things with a civil level of patience, but not any more.  Today, we are obsessed with instant everything.  Be it instant rice or instant answers to questions we seem to need everything immediately, so thank goodness for Google or we could face the threat of being unfriended or blocked or some other horrible social media driven punishment.

Professionally I believe the cell phone has made us far more efficient.  The fact that our desk is pretty much at any spot that we are currently standing allows us to be very flexible. But this flexibility can lead to unprofessional practices such as tweeting, texting, or simply reading emails at inappropriate times. I work with a couple of people who almost dive over furniture when they see that red light flash or hear the notification that there might be someone on the other end who has that ever elusive  million dollar PO… but will only award it to you if you answer their email NOW. Overall however, I think the Cell Phone has been good for business folk worldwide.

On the family level the cell phone brings so many benefits such as the ability to receive that text to pick up milk or can you e-transfer some money so that I can buy that dress that is now on sale.  The cell phone unfortunately carries a higher level of importance than the family dog and in some circumstances it feels like it is more important oxygen.  A recent family trip to New York City proved that to me when one of my teenage daughters lost her cell phone only six hours into our trip.  She left it behind in a yellow cab and, yes, for 5 days every one of the 10,000 yellow cabs that we saw was the one who had her phone.  Short of contacting the pope for assistance we did what we could to find it but it was to no avail, so minutes after landing back home we were sprinting to the nearest phone store.  As you might imagine after that disaster was settled, the first thing I did was take a big breath and hug our dog.

In closing, I will give the cell phone two thumbs up for what it does for us today.  I can only hope that people will be responsible and not text and drive or use it as a tool to pick on their fellow student who wears those funny glasses, but actually use it as the flexible communication tool that it was intended to be.  I have to go now because someone is tweeting me!!

Jeff O’Grady
Senior Director of Business Development
Office Interiors