We don’t want to sell you another chair

Customer Satisfaction Productivity

You have probably heard us rattle off our mission “to help you create a more productive work environment” about a thousand times.   It’s on our website, it’s on our proposals, we talk about it in meetings, presentations, on the phone and just about any time someone will listen.  

As the resident marketer at Office Interiors, I share in much of the blame for inundating you with our mission, but I promise it comes from a good place.  We aren’t just bombarding you with marketing speak or some A/B tested message, our mission really does pervade every aspect of daily life at Office Interiors.  

Is a manufacturer trying to pitch us on a new product or technology?  They better be prepared to answer how it will make our customer’s work environments more productive.  

Did one of our Account Managers give a cookie cutter proposal to a potential client?  They better be ready to answer why they didn’t try to find an innovative way to create a more productive work environment for that customer.  

Have I drafted up a new piece of content for our website or social media channels?  I better be able to answer how it will help the reader create a more productive work environment.  Starting to see a pattern?

We don’t keep talking about our mission because we think it’s good PR or marketing, we talk about it because that is who we are at Office Interiors.  From the corner office to the warehouse to the reception desk to the sales team’s bullpen, we are passionate about creating more productive work environments.  

One example that really drove this passion home for me was how open everyone was to a change I recently made to my work schedule.  I have always enjoyed working for Office Interiors, we have a great team here and we get to work on some pretty exciting projects but every night I dreaded the moment my alarm would go off and I would have to trudge off to work.  Why might you ask?

 Because.  I.  Hate.  Mornings.  I am cranky and tired and just making it to my desk in the morning is an accomplishment.  For me, trying to read a spreadsheet of last week’s analytics or create a new advertisement feels like a monumental task at 8 am.   I tried coffee, I tried going to bed earlier, nothing worked.  

Finally, I settled on the idea of an adjusted workday; instead of coming into the office first thing in the morning, I would come in a few hours later and leave a few hours later in the evening.  I was nervous to be perceived as “just wanting to sleep in and slack off” but when I ran the idea by my supervisor he was completely supportive.  

I am now more motivated, energetic and productive than ever before (I’m actually writing this post at 7 pm on a Friday).  I now accomplish more each day than I ever have before simply because the culture here at Office Interiors was supportive of an outside the box solution to creating a more productive work environment for myself.

While you may not be able to relate directly to my story, I hope the message still rings true.  Here at OI, our goal isn’t to sell you a desk or a chair or a copier, it’s to find the solution that helps you create a more productive work environment for yourself and your team.  Together, we can make going to work more enjoyable… and productive.

Cory Porteous
Marketing Manager
Office Interiors