We are pleased to introduce an exciting new tool that we are rolling out at Office Interiors, ViaWorks.  ViaWorks is a software product that we will be using internally and selling to our clients through our Imaging division.

ViaWorks is our own internal search engine (Google for OI if you like) that will allow us to quickly and efficiently search for information contained in all our emails, as well as documents saved in folders on our shared drives. In addition to these documents it also search’s for information contained in all attachments to emails, drawings and pictures. Simply type in a word, term or group of words that may be contained in a document or e-mail and ViaWorks will bring you a list all of the documents that contain that information.  Like Google the search can refined be in a number of ways including file type, age of file, location of file etc.


This product can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes us to find information not stored on our local desktop. It helps to locate lost documents and drawings that you cannot find because you may not remember what they were called or where they were stored.

To learn more and discover how ViaWorks (Enterprise Indexing) could benefit your organization contact us.

Calvino Anderson
Director of Business Development – Software Solutions
Direct: 902.491.2713
Office Interiors