Top Four Desktop Cable Management Tips and Tricks

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Top 4 cable management tips

A mess of cables on your desk can be a serious pain.  They get in the way, are perpetually tangled and simply look horrible!  Cable clutter no longer has to be an issue in your life! Even if your current workstation doesn’t have built-in access ports or channels to hide your cables a few simple steps to organize/hide cables can go a long way and really aren’t much effort for the noticeable difference they will make. We’ve put together a few of our favourite tips and alternatives to help keep your cable clutter to a minimum!

1. The “Wire Wrap” 

You can bind wires together or tighten up slack by tying off loops of cable using the classic zip ties. For larger jobs, products like Velcro cable ties or adjustable rubber cable ties can pull together bundles of even the thickest power cords, so you can effectively organize and store all your wires together.

2. Label them 

It’s not easy to keep track of all the different cords you’ve accumulated over the years, from power cords, USB cables, and Ethernet wires it can make the simplest of tasks quite a stressor. You can use mini write on flag tie markers or even sticky notes to label your cords. This will help you remember where they go so when you need to connect an external USB hard drive to a second PC or find the power cord for a scanner, it’s a simple matter of reading information on the cable end, rather than having to go on an adventure behind your desk to find the cable source.

3. Get those cables off the floor 

Instead of kicking all those lousy wires under your desk and getting wrapped up in them at least twice a day, you can tape them to the underside of your desk. You could also use a raceway or cable port which fixes your desk (or workstation), keeping your cords tucked out of the way and out of sight so you can focus on what’s important.  

Another great way to get the mess of cables off the floor or out from behind your monitor is to use any cubby or basket that has holes for handles.  Simply run all your wires in one side of the basket, loop the extra cordage inside the basket and run the plug out the other side of the basket.  While the mess may not be gone, at least it’s hidden!

4. Go wireless 

The easiest way to get rid of your cable clutter is to just get rid of them all together by going wireless. Wireless products are an easy way to keep your workspace mess free and looking sharp. With the constant advances in technology and growing market for wireless products, it’s not hard to find wireless mice, keyboards and even displays for a fair price. 

We also offer the M/Connect. This device gives easy access to user ports and conceals IT ports to eliminate cable clutter by centralizing the wiring. This means you don’t have to unplug/re-plug everything each time you leave your desk. M/Connect is a total workspace solution acts as a central hub for your laptop, monitor, peripherals, smartphone and other devices.

Let’s review

The key is to be proactive and take advantage of your furniture itself.  Hiding the wires in the furniture of itself or even retrofitting a DIY solution like some of our suggestions above will go a long way towards helping you maintain an organized and efficient workspace.

Do you have a cable management hack that you couldn’t live without?  Show off your style and tweet us a snap of your solution!

Cory Porteous
Marketing Manager
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