Top 7 Factors to Look For When Choosing New Office Furniture [Infographic]


Not sure what you should be looking for in office furniture?  After 27 years in business, we’ve found that every purchase of office furniture ultimately boils down to a mere seven factors.

Here are the top seven things to keep in mind!

  1. Aesthetics

    Studies show that an office’s aesthetic appeal impacts its ability to attract and retain talent.

  2. Ergonomics

    Equipping your team with the ergonomic furniture or accessories they need to work comfortably can significantly affect their productivity, health and happiness.

  3. Adjustability

    One size never truly fits all.  That’s why the furniture you buy should be flexible enough to adjust to each individual’s unique body size, shape and work style.

  4. Warranty

    Purchasing quality office furniture is no small investment, you want to ensure that your investment is secure and going to last for years to come.

  5. (Multi)Functionality

    Flexibility and efficiency is the name of the game and by ensuring that your furniture can serve multiple purposes or roles you increase the long-term value it provides.

  6. Impact on Employee Wellness

    When employees are happy and healthy they are more productive both individually and as a part of the larger team.  Building a great culture at work starts with giving your team tools that improve their workplace wellness.

  7. Brand Reputation

    Reputable brands build their products with quality materials and back up their products with strong guarantees and reliable warranties.  

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Top seven factors to look for in office furniture

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Cory Porteous
Marketing Manager
Office Interiors