Time to Act For Central NS Businesses


Article from Truro & Colchester  Chamber of Commerce
Jan 24, 2014


TRURO – Former Deputy Economic Development Minister Ian Thompson says it’s time we woke up to the fact that unless we change, Nova Scotia’s businesses will lose out on great opportunities.

He says as Nova Scotia’s working-age population ages, the ability to attract fresh young talent is going to become an increasingly important issue.  He notes we’re quickly becoming a “province of retirees” but points out there is hope.

That was Thompson’s message to members of the Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce at a recent Lunch and Learn.  The former public-sector decision maker, who now serves as Associate Publisher for the Halifax Chronicle Herald says “Global research shows there are 90-million affluent consumers coming into the marketplace each and every year.”  He says if Nova Scotian exports can reach a portion of those consumers, the province can get back into the driver’s seat as a location for growth.

Thompson’s keynote address was called “Nova Scotia: Will We Change or Will We Flounder?”  He told business leaders in Truro and Colchester that his newspaper is the “last independently-owned newspaper in Canada,” and it’s leading the way by using internet and mobile phone technology.

Thompson says Nova Scotian businesses in the non-media sector can do the same thing, and take advantage of global marketing trends to create renewed prosperity.