The Top 4 Best Video Conferencing Tools For Your Business

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As more and more companies make the switch to working remotely, there has been a surge in available video conferencing software that helps keep businesses connected. With so many platforms to choose from, we have collected our top 4 video conferencing software solutions picks in the hopes of helping you choose the best option for you and your business. 

When looking for the best video conferencing option, look for a platform that provides you with a reliable and convenient way to contact clients and manage a team through remote meetings effortlessly. 

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Who Is Microsoft Teams Best Suited For?

Microsoft Teams is best suited for any company with employees already using Microsoft 365. Microsoft Teams allows users to jump between messaging, sharing documents and having video conferences seamlessly amongst team members. You can schedule meetings or webinars with any individual or with a large group of up to 10,000 participants. Administrators even have the ability to invite external guests to a meeting using their web browser and without downloading the program.

How Much Does Microsoft Teams Cost?

The cost is determined on a monthly and per user basis. As of May 2020, Microsoft Teams is currently being offered for free for six months as part of a free trial of Microsoft 365 Basic plans.

If you are a small business looking to utilize Microsoft Teams, there is a Microsoft 365 Business Basic option for $6.40/user/month or Microsoft 365 Business Standard for $16/user/month. 

When you sign up for the Business Standard option, you gain full access to the Microsoft 365 desktop application suite, as opposed to the Basic plan which only gives access to cloud-based storage and applications. Additionally, if you are a larger company, Microsoft has the M365 E3 plan for $26.60/user/month.

Our Verdict

We recommend using Microsoft Teams if you are already using Microsoft products or if you are looking for an overall collaboration tool. Microsoft Teams is a great option to consider . Microsoft Teams is intended to be an all-in-one communication hub complete with chat, document sharing, video conference software and more. All while seamlessly integrating with your other Microsoft programs.

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Who Is Zoom Best Suited For?

Zoom is best suited for smaller businesses that only require the use of a video conferencing platform to hold meetings or webinars. Zoom offers plenty of business-focused features such as cloud recording, online support available 24/7, and multiple video meeting options. 

Zoom works on macOS, Windows, Android and iOs and meeting invites seamlessly sync with your calendar. A big selling feature for Zoom is the ability to divide your meeting participants into Break Out Rooms. The host can split guests into smaller sessions during a meeting and jump between rooms. 

How Much Does Zoom Cost?

There are currently 4 plan options for users to select from when using Zoom. The first being the free Basic Plan that allows users a 40-minute meeting with up to 100 attendees, and one-on-one meetings are unlimited. 

The Pro Plan is great for small teams and supports up to 9 hosts per plan and will cost you $20.00/month/host. You also gain 1GB of cloud recording space, Skype for Business integration, and the meeting duration limit is now 24 hours. 

Next, are The Business and The Enterprise Plans which start at $27.00/month/host and come with 10 hosts for Business and 100 hosts for Enterprise. All Business plan accounts have access to all Pro features plus the use of company branding, single-sign-on access, custom URLs, custom email invitations, cloud recording transcripts, and meetings with up to 300 participants.

Our Verdict

Zoom is easy to install and set up and offers lots of strong video features. The security of the platform is increasing regularly despite criticism and the paid features are great for large businesses who simply need a platform to host video meetings. 

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Who Is GoToMeeting Best Suited For?

GoToMeeting is best suited for large businesses that need an effective conferencing tool that also automatically transcribes meetings. GoToMeeting is also one of the higher-ranked platforms on the growing list of available video conferencing services.

Used by companies like Make-A-Wish and WeightWatchers, GoToMeeting has easy to navigate video features, which help keep it relevant in today’s market.  

Unlike other platforms, GoToMeeting works from a web browser, so you don’t need to download any additional software and you can access meetings through your desktop or mobile device. 

With exceptional security features, meeting organizers have full control over who can attend a meeting and precious company data is protected.

GoToMeeting’s Smart Meeting Assistant allows for video meetings to be transcribed automatically so users can simply refer back to those transcripts at any time rather than taking notes.

How Much Does GoToMeeting Cost?

GoToMeeting offers 3 available plans, and each plan includes an unlimited number of meetings with no time constraints. Choose between a monthly or annual plan, with price reductions included when you select the annual option. 

If you are looking to simply test the software, GoToMeeting offers a free 14-day trial with no commitments and no credit card required.

The Professional Plan costs $16.25/organizer/month when you sign up for an annual plan and $19.00/organizer/month when you pay monthly. This plan supports 150 participants and all the basic functionality features.

The Business Plan will cost you $21.67/organizer/month annually and $26.00/organizer/month with a monthly subscription. Business plans offer 250 participants, unlimited cloud recordings, note-taking tools, auto transcription, and Microsoft 365, Google Calendar, Slack and Salesforce integration. 

Lastly, The Enterprise Plan is custom-designed to your business needs and supports up to 3000 participants and offers bundled savings on webinars, phones and room solutions.

Our Verdict

GoToMeeting is a powerhouse when it comes to available features and ease of use. At only $16.25/organizer/month it is a fair price with the annual plan. Having the ability to screen the screen, automatically transcribe conversations, and switch devices seamlessly during a meeting is a definite plus! 

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Who Is Google Meet Best Suited For?

Google Meet is best-suited for anyone already using Google’s G Suite. Formerly known as Google Hangouts, Google Meet, however, is for users who need to host secure webinars and video conferences.

Google Meet is part of G Suite’s productivity platform aimed to provide first-class conferencing software. The G Suite line includes a wide range of useful programs such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive and Google Calendar. These tools are built directly into the platform, so idea sharing is a breeze and you don’t have to use outside programs to stay connected. 

With Google Meet, hosts can invite guests straight from their Google Calendar and you can host up to 250 participants in a single video conference. Google Meets collaborative tools include file and image sharing, live polling, and text-based chat. 

How Much Does Google Meet Cost?

Google Meet is not a standalone product itself so you’ll need to select one of G Suite’s three available plans or test it out with a free 14-day trial. 

The Basic Plan starts as low as $7.80 per user per month with 24/7 Support by phone, email or online. Users can conference with up to 100 People and offers 30GB of cloud storage.

The Business Plan costs $15.60 per user per month with conferencing up to 150 people and unlimited or 1TB per user cloud storage if fewer than 5 users.

The Enterprise Plan costs $34 per user per month and includes conferencing up to 250 people with unlimited or 1TB per user cloud storage if fewer than 5 users and offers cloud search.

Our Verdict

Overall, we have found that Google Meet has a lot to offer when it comes to collaborative tools and the integration of G Suite is very beneficial. 

One of Google Meet’s closest competitors would be Microsoft Teams. While Teams are more integrated with Microsoft programs, both provide great packages for businesses to stay connected virtually. When selecting the best option for you, it depends on whether or not your company uses Google programs or Microsoft Office software more? 

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