The New Value of Print?


There’s no denying that we are in the digital age of business communication. However, instead of killing print, it’s giving it a whole new purpose.  Here are a few things to remember when using print to maximize success:

Use print to stand out: Print pieces are tactile and permanent, engaging our senses of touch, sight, and even smell. Always print brochures, postcards, and special promotion flyers in colour because you want these pieces to be memorable and engaging.  Everyone sends e-newsletters these days and getting a decent email open rate is no longer a guarantee; just think of how many “special offers” you delete from your inbox every week.  On the other hand, well crafted physical mailing pieces are garnering more attention.  When I check my personal mailbox, I read everything that comes in an envelope or on thick stock.

Use print to be remembered: Print marketing is harder to ignore than digital. People are exposed to an increasing number of online advertisements or marketing emails on a daily basis and are quickly learning to look past and ignore them.  A printed piece on the other hand must still be picked up and manually thrown out if the recipient wants to get rid of it.  Whether it is an insert in the mail or a brochure you left behind after your last client visit, it will physically remain there until they look at it and decide what to do with it.  That guaranteed impression can be a critical step in ensuring potential customers remember you.

Digital marketing has many potential benefits, but print can still serve an important role in your marketing and sales efforts.  The best way to reach your audience and drive your business towards success is often to find the right balance between digital and print mediums.


Cory Porteous
Marketing Manager
Office Interiors