The Lesson from Adele


If you had a chance to see Adele interviewed on CBS’s 60 Minutes just prior to Grammies you would have witnessed something quite unusual. A “genuine” artist; a female performer who sings for the love of singing. It is very clear that, although only 23, Adele possesses unique wisdom. She is not overwhelmed by her success; nor is she willing to be cast into the stereo-typical mold that seems so prevalent in show biz today.

To the contrary, she is an artist who appears to be true to herself, who writes and performs songs that are truly personal; yet shares them with all of us. She clearly marches to the beat of her drum, and casts aside all the pressures to be “made up”.

Adele is truly refreshing; and she clearly “Loves the Way She Works”.

Impressive indeed.

Jim Mills
President & CEO
Office Interiors