The Importance of Being Earnest


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Neptune Theatre

You could almost feel Oscar Wilde’s presence through the intricate elements of this play.

In only three intricate scenes the play captures its’ audience from confusion to resolution, from misunderstandings to comprehension, from tangled romantic relationships to the delight of happy endings.

Neptune’s cast, leading actors Michael Therriault as Algemon and David Leyshon as Jack, alongside Maria McLean as Gwendolen and Chilina Kennedy as Cecily delivered a magnificent performance.

The set and custom design was not only tastefully accomplished in its’ sophistication but had the clear ability to transport its’ audience back in time to the Victorian era of opulence. Passion is indeed visually perceived and conveyed by the choice of colours, styles and interpretation of both romance and wealth by designer Sean Mulcahy.

Bravo to Neptune Theatre!

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