We Love The Way The Fredericton Jr. Caps Love Play!


The Office Interiors Jr. Caps play in the NBJHL. This league consist of 11 teams within N.B and is student driven to allow University / NBCC students to focus on their academics  while competing on the ice at a high level. Most of our players have played or could have played in the MJHL. However they have chosen the education route while playing rather that playing hockey followed by education. The Jr. Caps have won the league 4 out of the last 5 years. 3 of those win were under Head Coach Rob MacGregor (OI Fredericton). After 4 complete years Rob opted to move to the front office as VP and Assistant GM since with the league and the market growing, we’ve found that a stronger focus on the business side was required; the cost of operation of the team has grown to be in the area of $150,000 per year. None of this cost however is passed on to the players. In exchange they are required to work within the community as part of their commitment to the team. Office Interiors and the Jr. Caps also sponsor / own the Midget AAA Caps whom play out of the same arena, and have helped fund in various capacities to fund eight other teams from Rec Hockey to Baseball, Volley Ball, and Basket Ball across all age demographics. Office Interiors and The Caps organization has a strong dedication to the development of our youth.  We’re looking forward to many more years of helping to grow responsible and dedicated people through sports.



Shawn Lean
The Caps Organization