The “Final Four”


What does the “Final Four” Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament have to do with an Office Equipment and Office Furniture Dealership based in the Maritimes of Canada?  Admittedly not much. Having said that, I look forward to this event with anticipation each year, and take in as many games on TV as I can. These young men go out each game with such vigor and intensity, and it is such inspiring play. I am reminded of our tag line “Love the Way You Work”, these young men absolutely “Love the Way They Play”.

Imagine working hard all season for a chance to make it to the “Final Four”. Each game is single knock out, you win you advance you lose you’re out. It is the epitome of the expression “the agony of defeat, the thrill of victory”. For UConn (#7), Wisconsin (#2), Florida (#1), and Kentucky (#8), they have achieved their dream of reaching the “Final Four”. Next weekend (actually next Monday) one of them will be National Champs.

Now for a moment think about yourself and your workplace. What dream do you have for that part of your life, which for most of us is a significant (in fact most) portion of our “awake” hours? While obviously there is no direct correlation between the “Final Four” and our work lives, it does provide a chance or perhaps a moment to reflect on what each of us has as our objectives and goals in our working career. Or if in fact we have any at all? Sadly too few people spent the amount of time and effort in “planning” their careers, and as a result they don’t have fulfilling (by their measure) outcomes.

If you are a manager or a business owner, what are you doing to help your people succeed in this regard?  Let’s face it, people who love what they do and have a plan in place perform the best.

Happy Spring!

Jim Mills
President & CEO
Office Interiors