The Best Software Has No Name!


There is often a lot of hype about software and what it can do for your business. There are tons of software programs with a myriad of benefits.   The person selling it talks about their brand of software, the specifics about how it works and what it can do listing a whole host of features and benefits.  If you are the buyer you may be given a demonstration by either the salesperson or the manufacturing representative showing you all the bells and whistles that the software offers.  The focus will be on the software and benefits primarily with little focus on the client.  If you are a client and this happens, walk away.  You have the wrong vendor!

The best software has no names!  Businesses don’t need software; they need the meaningful business process improvement that the software delivers for a price that makes sense.  Why would someone even consider implementing software in their business, creating cost and disruption, if it didn’t deliver significant business process improvement for a reasonable price? The flavor of the software is for the most part irrelevant!   If the software offered will provide real business process improvement and can be realistically implemented in your business environment and culture, then the decision is easy.  That can only be determined if the person selling it has taken the time to genuinely understand your business environment, and business processes and how it will apply specifically to you.  However, if the salesperson has taken the time to understand your business there can be significant benefits for your business…..and you can always find out the software’s name when you sign the contract!

Keith Skiffington
Chief Operating Officer
Office Interiors