Thank you Office Interiors


Thank you for your generous gift of $2000 representing instalment 4 of 5 in support of Catapult Leadership Society.

This year, our Catapult Plus program has been recognized as a personal development credit for our students.  This means that the work our students do in the Catapult Plus program will now be recognized as a credit on their high school transcripts.  Our students are truly being launched at Catapult and they are continuing their leadership growth throughout high school with Catapult Plus.  They are developing into young adults with both the abilities and the tools to succeed in both their personal lives and in their communities.

We appreciate your trust in us and our mission to cultivate youth leaders across Nova Scotia.  With your help we are inspiring our youth to step outside of their comfort zones, providing them with tools and support to succeed and empowering them to reach their full potential.

Once again, thank you for your generosity and for supporting Nova Scotia students.  Through increased acts of volunteer-ism and community projects, our student leaders are paying your generosity forward and helping Nova Scotia become a stronger province.

Thank you for your ongoing trust in Catapult and our mission to empower NS youth to succeed!

Lori Baker
Executive Director
Catapult Leadership Society