Stephen Sorrey Memorial Scholarship Pool Tournament


My name is Darren Sorrey, and my life (and several other people’s lives) changed forever, July 11th, 2010. I had spent the day working with my son Stephen doing a hardwood floor for a friend, like we so often did, and we parted ways around 8:30 that night. He went home, and I went home, both exhausted. I had some supper, and basically collapsed in bed. In the middle of the night, just like you see and hear about, the doorbell rang. Just like a dream, I was standing at the door, with two CBRM police officers telling me they had to talk to me. Well, the rest was a nightmare, not a dream, and my beautiful son was gone forever…..

We have all suffered losses, and almost everyone reading this will have gone through the gruelling months of pain that I went through. I was determined that I could handle it one of two ways. I could let it consume me for the rest of my life, or I could be thankful for all that I was left with around me, and try to make some positive out of this terrible negative. Stephen and I enjoyed playing pool together, and with the help of some good friends and sponsors, we started an annual pool tournament in Stephen’s memory to raise money for students entering any trade at the NSCC.  Considering we held this year’s tournament in a raging snowstorm, we did quite well and raised over $3,000! We had a total of 19 teams, down slightly from the usual 25 or so.  We are already planning for the 6th annual next spring, and we are hoping it will be the biggest yet!

By the wonderful letters I receive from the students that have been helped, I know that some good has come from this. I also tell people that I get to keep Stephen’s name alive, as people will come up to me and ask “When is Stephen’s tournament” and “ I can’t wait until next year”.

Please be kind to the people that surround you, and if you have children, hold them close!

Darren Sorrey
Account Manager – Imaging
Office Interiors