State of the Internet – Discussion of VC Mary Meeker’s Annual Report


I recently looked at VC Mary Meeker’s annual State of the Internet report.  There is a ton of information compiled and worth a quick look if you have a few minutes (be sure to have more than a few minutes if you plan on anything more than quickly perusing though).  Below are a couple of my takeaways from the report.

Mobile Still Growing
Unsurprisingly mobile internet use is still growing at a very strong rate even though the North American smartphone market rate of penetration growth is slowing.   The far-and-above driver for this mobile internet usage appears to be video consumption.  One huge opportunity presented by this in mobile advertising.  If video is leveraged properly to optimize your ads for mobile users, all the signs indicate much a better ROI on your advertising dollars.  

Healthcare and Education Industries Reaching Inflection Point
The digitization and subsequent the ease of distributing information is revolutionizing both these industries.  Efficiency in the Healthcare sector could be on the cusp of a drastic increase.  Attributable partly to process improvements we have already seen in many private industries (data capture, organisation, and distribution software) and but also to a decrease in unnecessary or preventable care.  For example, American organisation Teladoc, is making it easier for patients to gain medical advice without needing to visit a hospital or their family doctor, drastically decreasing the cost of each consultation.  Granted there are drastic differences between the American and Canadian healthcare models but at the end of the day in healthcare, it’s my opinion that faster and less costly service is in everyone’s best interest.

In the Education sector one can already see digitization picking up steam.   The relative ease of distributing materials on-line has made education much more incredibly scalable.  From university courses offering supplementary materials on-line to colleges that exist solely on the internet, education is becoming more accessible than ever before and there are many  new opportunities to seize.

Cory Porteous
Marketing Manager
Office Interiors

Sources: Ricoh,  Mary Meeker’s State of the Internet Report & Vivipins