Sit Well. Work Well. Feel Well.


Introducing the new Fern chair.

A revolution in seating design, Fern is the product of extensive research.  For several years Haworth sought out ergonomists, physiotherapists, designers, engineers and, most importantly, everyday office workers to test out dozens of prototypes before the perfect blend was discovered.  Less machine and more human, Fern is designed to integrate seamlessly into your environment and deliver the best in class ergonomic comfort.

Fern’s total back support moves with you so that anybody always has the right ergonomic support regardless of posture or position.  A more comfortable sitting experience means that you can focus better, work smarter and feel healthier.

You can even design your own Fern with the new chair designer or contact us today to give the Fern chair a test drive!

fern 2

Cory Porteous
Marketing Manager
Office Interiors