Sid the Kid “Loves the Way He Works”


Last week I had the opportunity to meet Sidney Crosby at a big fundraiser for the IWK. Sidney and his family are great supporters of the IWK, he previously made a key contribution to what is now known as the “Teen Lounge” for young patients at the health center. They continue to contribute time and effort to the Maritime Health Center focused on women, youth and children.

What struck me as I watched Sidney interact with his many fans at this event was his relaxed, patient, and calm demeanor. Throughout the dinner he patiently signed a wide variety of things for the seemingly endless stream of people who approached him. Lots of photos were taken, questions answered. This from a guy who has recently signed a new $104.4 Million contract extension, a guy who is the best player in the NHL. It was amazing, and his parents, Troy and Trina, equally displayed a calm amidst all the commotion.

Sidney has GQ good looks, and when you meet him it’s hard to believe he’s one of the best hockey players on the planet. Most refreshing is the fact that he maintains such a humble presence despite all his success; and at the young age of 24. Sidney clearly “Loves the Way He Works”; and here’s to wishing #87 all the best for success next season and many more to follow!

Jim Mills
President & CEO
Office Interiors