Search & Rescue – Worth the Challenge


I have received support from Office Interiors and it’s employees for the last three years that I participated in the E2C (Eco-Endurance Challenge) to raise funds for Halifax Regional Search and Rescue. Not only do they support me in this fundraising event but they also allow me the opportunity whenever possible to attend searches during working hours. Not all companies are willing to do this as I have learned from some of my SAR team mates and it is sad to think that maybe these companies do not understand how valuable these volunteers are to the lost subject, his/her family members and the community.

The Halifax Regional Search and Rescue organization is completely volunteer based.  All operating costs for the team must be fundraised and all personal equipment that is used by the individual team members is purchased by them at their own expense. Not to mention the time each team member dedicates to not just searches but also training and fundraising.

The E2C event this year is being held April 30th-May 1st and you can learn more about it on our web site:

This event is so well organized by volunteers that it has become well known across the country…We usually have a few teams fly in for the event.

Heather Balch
Leasing Coordinator
Office Interiors