Standardizing With Moveable Walls


The Problem

Assumption Life has been located in downtown Moncton for numerous years in the Assumption building at 770 Main Street. They are in the process of refreshing their existing furniture and want to utilize some of the newest trends in the furniture industry.

The Solution

We are in the process of installing our third project for this client in the building. The 11th-floor project had Office Interiors working closely with a local architect/design firm along with the end-user.

The 11th-floor was gutted so we started the installation with a “Warm Shell”. This meant the site was equipped with only carpet and ceiling tiles and newly painted walls. The client then had full height moveable walls from Haworth’s Enclose collection for all private offices and their boardroom.

The majority of the client workstations were then installed on the exterior of the walls of the building, thus giving staff the highly sought after window seats. To allow for more natural light to penetrate into the interior of the workspace, the client decided to select a lower height panel with a maximum height of 56”.

The Results

  1. By standardizing on the same full height walls on each floor and using the same vinyl and trim finish throughout, Assumption Life will have the flexibility to reconfigure and re-locate these panels from floor-to-floor.
  2. The unitized full height walls also have a “Green” story behind them. Traditional drywall needs to be dismantled, removed and disposed of; thus it ends up in a landfill site.
  3. The new lower height panels allow for more natural light into the center core of the space allowing more team members to feel like their desk is a “window seat”. The “window seat” location for staff (the most important asset in any business) increases moral and gives them a much better working environment.