The Ultimate Guide to Office Ergonomics

What is ergonomics?  Why is it important?  Which ergonomic accessories are worth buying?   In this article, we are going to answer common questions about office ergonomics, ergonomic accessories, ergonomic hazards and ergonomic assessments.  Since the page is quite lengthy to read in full, feel free to use the table of contents below to jump to the sections… Read More

Ergonomics Furniture

The Ultimate Task Seating Review Guide

The humble task chair is ubiquitous in offices everywhere around the world.  Those of us who do the bulk of our work on a computer spend upwards of 1700 hours per year sitting at a desk.  Excepting your bed at home, there is no other piece of furniture people spend more time interacting with.  Investing in the… Read More

Ergonomics Furniture Reviews

Taking Accounts Payable Paperless

Laserfiche (along with Autostore) was used to move from a manual to a digital workflow for Accounts Payables processing. The Problem After installing a print assessment tool we discovered that our Accounts Payable Administrator was generating the highest total print volume on an ongoing basis by a substantial margin. We also realized that an invoice… Read More

Productivity Technology

Improving Auditory Privacy Without Giving Up On The Open Office

In 2016 we provided Money Finder with space planning services, as well as seating and carpet, as part of an overall space solution. The Problem Money Finder is a Financial Technology Company, specializing in cash flow planning training for financial professionals. A growing business, they had recently relocated to a beautiful space in the Penthouse… Read More

Furniture Productivity

Streamlining & Automating Manual Business Processes

On this project, we used a combination of software to sew together a comprehensive solution for Medavie Bluecross. The Problem Each month BlueCross sends out 20,000 renewal notices to the NS population to have them renew their Health Cards and to complete an Organ Donor registration card indicating if they would be an organ donor.… Read More

Productivity Technology

Consolidating a Mixed-Brand Fleet of MFPs

Key Murray Law was ready to replace their MFPs, each of which was sourced from different vendors. They also own cost recovery software (Paper Cut) through a competitor. The Problem The challenge for the customer is not only that their machines were getting old; they did not like the network towers that Paper Cut was… Read More


Using Space Most Efficiently with Moveable Walls

In 2016 we provided IWK Health Centre with a complete moveable wall and furniture solution for their new offsite EIBI location. The Problem Because the client, in conjunction with the Landlord, was acting as Project Manager, they wanted a walls/furniture solution that would be efficient and modern, with less complex scheduling of trades or hidden… Read More


Creating Flexible Student Work Spaces

Haworth Unigroup system workstations were utilized to create effective study spaces for students on the 4th Floor of the Goldberg Computer Science Building, Dalhousie University. The Problem Enrolment in the Faculty of Computer Science has increased substantially in the past 10 years. The Faculty has been using freestanding tables with screens that were repurposed from… Read More


Converting Documents in a Snap

On this project, we implemented eCopy Sharescan so that the customer could scan back to their workstation as a converted workable document. The Problem Colliers International like most organizations requires the recreating and editing of paper documents on occasion. This process is typically a manual process, which can quickly consume a person’s valuable time. Most… Read More

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