Proud of my “Team”

Community Customer Satisfaction

Is the word “Team” over-used? We hear it all the time; this team, that team, teamwork, our team, your team. The question is when is a team truly a “Team”.

One of the measures surely is performance, specifically high performance. In the business world, a high performance “Team” counts when it is measurable such as being in the top 10% of your industry from a financial benchmark perspective.

Another is when your “Team” is ranked high by independent 3rd party measures; such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS) system. NPS is measured by what your customers say about you, not what you say about yourself (have you ever heard a company say they deliver bad service?). What can be more important than what your customers think? At Office Interiors, our NPS year to date in 2017 is almost 87%, that is pretty special and it says a ton about what our customers think about our “Team”.

And yet another measure is when special moments occur that are unexpected, like one this past weekend in Fredericton, NB. Our VP Sales and long time team member Shawn Lean was recognised for the many significant efforts he has contributed over the 8 year history of the Office Interiors Junior Caps, the local Junior B men’s hockey team. He helped create the league in NB, and he created and was the owner of the team.

His “Team” won allot of games and medals of all colour over that period of time; but what Shawn is most proud of is the ‘how’ he did it. 107 young men played for him and his trusted partner in that venture, Rob MacGregor (also a member of Office Interiors), the majority of them going to school at the same time. It was run in a professional manner, all the bills got paid, and the players learned lots about both “Team” and life, and giving back too.

3 of them actually work with us now, which is pretty cool, and many others have gone on to success elsewhere. A large number returned to Fredericton and the tournament last weekend just to be there to help honour Shawn, that alone says allot.

Shawn is a key member of our Leadership Team and a high performer in business. But equally important, he is a true community minded person who understands the importance of giving back. The Office Interiors Junior Caps chapter has ended, but with Shawn you just know another will soon begin.

That is why I am proud of him, proud of Rob, and why I am also proud of my “Team” at Office Interiors.

Jim Mills
Office Interiors