Paper Care is Top Priority


Keeping your paper and envelopes fit for the machines in your office is as important as proper equipment maintenance. Taking these tips under consideration can save you a lot of headaches caused by paper jams, unnecessary service calls and an unproductive staff.

  • Use materials recommended by the manufacturer whenever possible.
  • Use equipment at the same temperature and humidity, about 17 to 32 degrees C and 40 to 60 percent humidity.  Store materials in a safe environment, a cool dry area.  Never store paper or envelopes in damp or moist areas.
  • Always store paper and envelopes flat.
  • Storing paper on it’s side can cause curling.
  • Keep paper in its wrapper and in its carton.  This will help prevent absorption of moisture.
  • Condition your materials to the printing area before removing them from the wrapper and envelopes in their box. This will prevent rapid absorption of humidity.  If possible store paper in the same room as the machine for about 24 hours prior to use.
  • Always quickly FAN or jog your paper.  This will expose the items to air and in some cases keep items from sticking together.
  • Do not leave paper or envelopes in the feed trays for any length of time this can cause static because of paper dry out and could cause a stoppage on the equipment.

Cory Porteous
Marketing Manager
Office Interiors