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Bringing Nature Indoors [Infographic]

Introducing outdoor elements into an office environment can be very beneficial. In the modern climate-controlled workplace where recycled air and fluorescent lighting are standard, a bit of sunshine and greenery can go a long way toward creating a positive impact. Designers and architects are incorporating natural elements into their interior spaces to provide more than… Read More

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How Long Does It Take to Buy Office Furniture?

Since 1991 we have fielded thousands upon thousands of customer questions, but almost every customer asks us these two:  How much is this going to cost? How long is this going to take? While we have already done our best to answer the first question, the latter question has been much more difficult to answer. … Read More


20 Ways You Can Benefit from Your Office Design [Infographic]

As working professionals, we spend most of our lives in an office environment. However, have you thought about the ways your office can impact how you work? A recent survey conducted by Capital One found that 82% of professionals believe that employees would feel engaged if their employers invested in innovative office spaces. Studies show… Read More

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Lacasse NEX Desk Review

The Lacasse NEX desk has a bold contemporary look and modern functionality to support today’s flexible and collaborative workplaces. Inspired by the kitchen and European office furniture markets, the NEX desk features clean lines, uneven surfaces and a variety of storage options. The NEX collection is an award-winning product line from Groupe Lacasse, a Quebec-based… Read More

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What is Flexible Office Design & How Can It Improve Productivity?

A growing trend in many modern offices, flexible office design offers an innovative alternative to the traditional office space. By doing away with conventional cubicle workspaces, flexible office design typically features a more open and comfortable work environment. This is primarily facilitated using multipurpose furniture. The open office layout typically used in a flexible office… Read More