Our People… the Key Ingredient


I’ve been writing recently about some of our Core Values at Office Interiors, and of course “Our People” is one of them. We state simply that “Our People are our most important Resource, we will treat everyone with respect & dignity, we will hire the best and we will reward based on performance.  We will also encourage the pursuit of personal growth.”

All good right?  A couple of weeks back as part of our 25th Year celebrations we held a company retreat for all our team members.  We engaged in team building, had a business session, did some activities, and celebrated some of our successes.  And of course, we had some fun (you can’t have ‘Love the Way You Work’ as a motto and not have fun!). It was hands down our best retreat to date (we hold them every 5 years), outstanding in all regards.

It’s all about taking care of our people who take such great care of our customers. I am always impressed by the passion, talent, commitment and hard work of our team.  And I hear that often from our customers.

Sadly, we lost a key member of our team about a month ago in a battle against cancer, Mr. Ken Hayter.  Ken was an original member of our team and an outstanding individual.  He truly lived our values every day, took great care of our customers, and was one of the most positive guys I know. 

On Saturday night at the retreat, we did a special tribute to Ken, it was very emotional for all of us.  The standing ovation he received was truly thunderous and very long, I’m pretty sure wherever he is he heard it all with that contagious smile of his.  We made Ken the Honorary 1st Member of our 25 Year Club, and we are starting a scholarship in his name for the kids of our members who are pursuing their education.

As one of our senior members stated, “our team is a family.”

Ken would be very proud of that, because he too was a giver, like the rest of our team.  And we are very proud of him.  I will miss him dearly, but his memory will live on with our people!

Best regards,

Jim Mills
Office Interiors