Office Space Design Inspiration: The Best Looks and Layouts for any Business

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For some lucky organizations, the days of dull and drab cubicle spaces are long gone. Employers are realizing that inspirational surroundings can have a direct effect on their employees’ creativity and productivity. They don’t have to be located in famous buildings – a tranquil setting, fun area, efficient spaces or an amazing office mural can all help to stir the creative juices.

The way I see it, office design, like everything else in life, is not a one-size-fits-all situation.  To illustrate this point, I will be showcasing two awesome design trends, which have and are evolving into the new norm. When design is properly executed, why would anyone want to work from home?

Balanced Workspace

Removing the physical barriers between employees has opened up new levels of communication, idea-sharing and problem-solving. However, we have to recognize that some people simply need quiet or isolation to be their most productive selves. This is where we want to introduce “balanced workspace” rather than “open concept”. A balanced workplace calls for more variety within an open office, which includes secluded or low-disruption areas for those who need fewer distractions.

One great example of a well-balanced workplace is a New York City loft office.

A few design ideas to get you started:

  • Create quiet zones
  • Let the natural light flow through
  • Think beyond the office chair (look into standing spaces, sit-stand desks, yoga balls, lounge chairs or even a game zone featuring a pool table)

Modular Workspace

The end of permanent layouts! Flexibility is something that we all strive for in our everyday lives, especially when it comes to the ever-changing workplace. Primarily due to economic factors, companies are facing complexities that didn’t exist before so the use of modular spaces and components will allow them to attack any changes necessary to grow their business. Modular components can be mixed, stacked and moved around with each other, offering innumerable combinations for a dynamic and collaborative workplace.

Here is a great video showcasing workspace changes while using all the same furnishings.

Rachael Quackenbush
Intern Interior Designer
Office Interiors