Office Phone Systems: How to choose the best phone system for your office

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There is no cookie cutter method to phone systems, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the most bang for your buck.

An office phone system is often taken for granted, I mean a phone is a phone is a phone right?  Like many office technologies, a phone system is something that is rarely paid any mind when working as expected.  However, if the wrong phone system in place or the wrong features are not enabled on a phone it can quickly begin to cause headaches. 

An integrated phone system can be a rather significant purchase once both the actual cost of the system and the time required to implement it is accounted for.  Give it the thought it deserves.

After speaking with hundreds of customers, here are the key features that they felt anyone phone shopping should check out:

  • one button transfer 
  • flexible keys for lines and extensions
  • hold button
  • paging
  • mailbox access

If the list above doesn’t seem like a revelation that’s because it isn’t.  All of those features have been available for some time and most high-quality phone systems will either come with them or can be upgraded to have them.  That’s why we don’t think you should select a phone system based on this list.  Those five key features should be the baseline just to consider a provider or their solution.  Phone systems are flexible and we stand by the belief that every system should be customized to meet your business’ unique communication requirements.

Demand a provider who will go the distance.

Since so many phone systems can appear quite similar on the surface it can be easy to dismiss them all as essentially the same product but if you do you can be missing out on substantial added value opportunities.  In our experience, the best way to maximize the value of your phone system is to make sure it was tailored to specifically meet your exact business processes and workflows.  Does your team need to move around the office while on the phone or be able to answer their desk line from another part of the office?  Perhaps an enhanced wireless phone that contains all the same features as a more traditional desktop phone is a better option.  Do you have team members who are frequently at customer sites or on the road?  A unified communications compatible application may provide the most value.

Whether your business consists of three people sharing two desks or three hundred working in multiple offices a phone system can either be a source of frustration or an opportunity to streamline your operations and enable collaboration.  Do yourself and your business a favour by bumping this project up your to-do list, investigate if your phone system is really working for you or whether it is just there.

Not sure where to start?  We can help.  One of our phone system experts would love to talk you through the process.  We have decades of experience analyzing workflows and digging into the details of whether your system is designed to maximize productivity or simply to have been as easy as possible for the installers.  Reach out today to schedule your free consultation.

Cory Porteous
Marketing Manager
Office Interiors

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