It’s so easy to toss a colourful adjective or phrase into a conversation, thinking it can’t hurt anyone, right? Well, it can, and it does.

Words matter. What you say can, and often does, affect those who hear your words. Simple words can have complex meanings. Simple words can have devastating impacts on people.  Using the ‘R’ word was once considered acceptable in everyday vernacular. It would probably take only a few seconds to think of any number of words that were once thought acceptable to use, but if used today would likely spark a heated argument. Why should it be acceptable to toss the ‘R’ word into a sentence? It isn’t!

Please join me on March 1st, and on every day, in celebrating diversity, in championing the marginalized, in supporting Canadians with intellectual disabilities. Let’s banish the ‘R’ word from everyone’s vocabulary, and demonstrate RESPECT for everyone, whether they hear the words we speak or not.

There’s no good way to use the ‘R’ word, ever!

Melvin Simons
Account Manager – Furniture
Office Interiors