Neopost Goes Green


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This spring our primary partner in mailing systems and software, Neopost, announced a multi-year agreement with Bullfrog Power to use 100 percent green electricity and 100 percent green natural gas in its Canadian facilities.  In addition, Neopost will offset the electricity used by new customers’ mailing systems with renewable energy.

“By choosing Bullfrog Power’s green energy for our facilities, Neopost Canada is taking meaningful action on climate change,” says Lou Gizzarelli, President, Neopost Canada. “Our bullfrogpowered mailing systems are a first for the industry in Canada and demonstrate our commitment to provide our customers with greener mail solution options.”

Neopost’s efforts do not end with Bullfrog Power’s green electricity offsets however.  Neopost has consistently shown a dedication to minimize the environmental impact of it’s products in every stage of life from development, production, and shipping to recycling programs at the end of a products’ usability.  Taking into consideration the new electricity offsets, they have now completed the entire product life-cycle.

Office Interiors is proud to call Neopost our partner and congratulate them on their environmental efforts.


Cory Porteous
Marketing Manager
Office Interiors


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