Moveable Walls – the Benefits of Building Flexibility Into Your Space

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An organization’s ability to achieve its goals depends upon how motivated and engaged its team is. The spaces where we work affect how people behave, perform and feel. Moveable walls help to make spaces flexible, responsive, cost-efficient and beautiful!

Thanks to the modular power installed in the wall they can be disassembled, moved and reassembled in hours by only a few individuals. No mess, no debris and little cost, just a clean, flawless design that ensures a timeless look.

Designing an effective workplace for your organization is anything but a walk in the park, especially today, as the pace and way in which we work is changing faster than ever. Because of this, many businesses are looking to change the space they work within as they recognize the importance of providing the right balance of quiet working stations, meeting spaces and collaboration areas.

Traditional construction office walls (drywall) are permanent and trying to change your walls after the fact is time-consuming, expensive and messy.  This means that businesses are often reluctant to change floor plans and are typically stuck in a layout that no longer meets their needs. 

Need to add another private office to accommodate the new executive you hired or give your team a new conference room to meet with clients?  Or maybe you want to open up your space to fit in additional workstations and move to a more open concept office?   

Thankfully there is another option than tearing up your workspace and shutting down the office for weeks. Movable walls provide a variety of environmental benefits but their benefit that resonates most with business owners is the flexibility to cheaply and quickly rearrange a space every few years without spending thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars. The ability to easily alter workspace configurations and keep costs low is the primary asset of the Haworth moveable walls, and the reason they’ve proved to be effective for so many of our customers.

Have we piqued your interest in how moveable walls could help you create a more flexible and more productive work environment for your team?  To read more about the benefits of moveable walls check out our full white paper here!

Cory Porteous
Marketing & Inbound Business Development Manager
Office Interiors