Make Yourself at Home – 4 Tips for Enjoying Your Desk


We spend a third of our day at work.  Why not make the best of it and transform your desk into space from a space that, for some, is a place of dread into a space of inspiration.

1.  Clean up the clutter!

Even though the above phrase may itself inspire dread a tidy workspace encourages focus, eases stress, and welcomes you in.  The last thing anyone wants to see on a Monday morning is stacks of papers and files and half-finished projects, a few minutes of filing and organizing now is worth it to consistently start your workday off right.

2.  Make yourself comfortable

Little can ruin a day like a pounding head or an aching back.  Take pre-emptive action and ensure your workspace fits your body type.  Properly adjusting your task chair and ensuring that your keyboard is at the right height can have a tremendous impact on reducing soft tissue injuries and ailments.  For a full list of adjustments to ergonomically optimize your workspace, check out our partner Humanscale.

 3.  Add a little colour

Spice up your desk and let your personality shine through.  Pictures of loved ones can act as a motivator, reminding us what we are working for. Rescuing yourself from a see of grey cubicles, systems furniture and computers by putting up a few pictures of the outside world or placing a small plant on your desk will make your workspace a more welcome sight each morning.  Of course one should always be mindful of company policies surrounding office décor and remaining professional is a must but don’t be afraid to free your personality, we work best in a space where we feel at home.

4.  Give it a rest!

As counter-intuitive as it may sound, taking breaks can boost productivity.  Sometimes the best cure for writers’ block or a case of “I’m never going to finish this project in time!” can be to take five minutes to unwind.  Walk over to the water cooler and get a drink or stand up do a simple stretching routine.  Periodic movement is important for your circulation, which studies show to have many long term health benefits, but also serves to let your mind refocus so that when you return to the task at hand you can do so with renewed concentration and creativity.

Cory Porteous
Marketing Manager
Office Interiors